the Betsy Hotel

Carlos Andres Cruz

Believing in the Godliness of animals, Cruz shares deep truths discovered in the faces of dogs, sweet faces so many of us look into to find what’s best in ourselves.    
Carlos Andres Cruz ( is a dog photographer who specializes in creating images that reflect the dynamism, joy, and character of dogs in relaxed, enjoyable environments.  His purpose is to learn, understand and promote his unique ‘super-chill’ approach to and style of photography – in Bogota, and around the world. His approach is open-source, and enjoys partnership from the people who mean the most to him:  family members, special friends, and (of course) dogs of all shapes and sizes, wherever he can find them.  

Carlos dedicates this show and all of his work to the global universe of dogs – from the ones we love in our own homes, to those looking for a forever home, to those that have ventured over the rainbow bridge to places unknown, but who we will never forget. 
It’s the Chinese Year of the Dog - and what better way to celebrate than with this homage to dogs.

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the Betsy Hotel

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