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Zen and the Art of Juneteenth

Zen and the Art of Juneteenth

Add to Calendar 2021-06-14 19:00:00 2021-06-14 19:00:00 Zen and the Art of Juneteenth Topic: Live Jazz at The Betsy Time: June 14, 2021, 7PM ET   Virtual The Betsy [email protected] America/New_York public
A community conversation on the meaning of Juneteenth

Event Details

Zen and the Art of Juneteenth is a community conversation on the meaning of Juneteenth. Pre-Recorded for screening on June 14 at 7PM ET, presented by The Betsy Hotel, FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios, and the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. 

This event features five distinguished panelists.


Dr. Valerie Patterson 

Director of the African and African Diaspora Studies Program, FIU

Clinical Professor, Public Policy and Administration, FIU



DeAnne Connolly Graham, Chief Engagement Officer, ROI Media Consultants

Member Miami Beach Black Affairs Advisory Committee. 

Chair, Women's Business Council of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

Member, Pillar Board or Governors of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce



André Williams, Esq

President, Law Offices of Andre Williams

President, Pendragon Title and Escrow

Co-Chair, DEI Council, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce 

Member, Pillar Board, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce 

Chair, Miami Gardens Chamber of Commerce



Heather Shaw

Assistant Director of Tourism and Culture City of Miami Beach



Kunya Rowley

Director of the Juneteenth Celebration for the City of Miami Beach

Founder/Director, Huesongs



This event is hosted by:

Dr. Deborah Plutzik Briggs

VP Arts and Community Engagement @ The Betsy Hotel

Member, Advisory Board, FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios


John Stuart, AIA

Vice Chair, Executive Board and Member of the Executive Board, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce 

Distinguished Professor, FIU/College of Communication, Architecture, and the Arts 

Executive Director, FIU/Miami Beach Urban Studios




The Betsy Hotel will host two events to honor Juneteenth in 2021.

The June 14 event is a remote panel discussion

The June 19 event will place LIVE from 6PM - 11PM @ The Betsy Hotel. See our June 19 event page for details.


Juneteenth — A combination of "June" and "nineteenth" - recognizes the date the formerly enslaved African Americans were informed that they were finally free. Though African Americans have long celebrated Juneteenth, the National Museum of African American History and Culture notes "this monumental event remains largely unknown to most Americans." Juneteenth celebrations remind us that freedom and racial equality have always been and continue to be a hard-fought battle for African Americans. The Betsy Hotel and its community partners envision that this year's Juneteenth celebrations will inspire honest conversation about societal inequities that continue to threaten, disrespect and devalue the lives of African Americans and also provide a forum to celebrate African American excellence. 



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