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The Bosses

Meet Our CEOs (Canine Executive Officers)
Two dogs sitting on the steps of The betsy
Icon of Dogs

We welcome dogs of all sizes – our Golden Retrievers Betsy and Rosa may be the first to greet you. And keep greeting you.

Betsy and Rosa

We’re Dog People

We welcome dogs and they seem to appr-woof of The Betsy. Please tell us about your four-legged companion when making your reservation. 

Golden Retriever running on a Beach

Buddy Work

If your four-paw adventurer also needs to unwind, let us arrange a pampering massage alongside your spa procedure. Homemade pet nibbles to follow.

Betsy Rosa Draft Beer
Dogs in the (Brew)House

Betsy & Rosa, Master Brewers

Our beloved Goldens Betsy & Rosa have their own beer! Crafted with the Miami brewery House of Motor, this Austrian-style copper lager has notes of lemon zest and allspice – the perfect cooldown after a day in the sun.


Portrait Gallery

dog playing on the beach with a tennis ball
Golden Retriever catching a ball
dogs on the beach
Katie at the beach

In Remembrance of Katie (2005-2019)

The legendary poet Gerald Stern (1925-2022), whom we were blessed to host at The Betsy many times, once sat with our dear Golden Retriever Katie and wrote this poem.

Expect no more. This is happiness.™