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Simplicity & Mastery
protein on vegetable, greens, and a white sauce
Icon of Dogs

From a world-class flagship by a Michelin chef to a window celebrating Miami’s culture of take-out café con leche, The Betsy invites you to our table. 

Steak with peppers, garlic, and thyme
Breakfast and Lunch, Dinner and Brunch

LT Steak & Seafood

Warm, festive service, a light-filled space, nightly jazz, and profound, elemental American cooking with a dash of Miami flair from Michelin chef Laurent Tourondel. 

Colorful salad with fruit, vegetables, and greens

The Alley

Two great Miami secrets together: After a two-year hiatus, the beloved modern trattoria The Alley re-opens on a side street filled with architectural marvels. 

Culinary Partner

Chef Laurent Tourondel

fish on fruit
protein on vegetable, greens, and a white sauce
The Piano Bar during the daytime

The Piano Bar

Nightly live jazz, an expertly-mixed martini, conversation in an earful of languages, and a crossroads for the interested and interesting from around the world.

The Carlton Cafe

The Betsy has a whole other side. Is the Carlton Room the hotel’s most beautiful space? Your work-from-home headquarters? An art gallery? Or the best coffee and pastries in town?

In-Room Dining

If you’re bracing for caesar salad with cold chicken, think again. At The Betsy, we pride ourselves on a room-service menu that brings together the finest offerings at LT Steak & Seafood, from our spicy tuna roll and chopped vegetable salad to our Boucher burger and New York strip 

Expect no more. This is happiness.™