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Eric Kroll: The New York Years

Eric Kroll is a name familiar to anyone with even the most vague interest in contemporary photography. He has several high profile best-selling books with houses like Taschen to his name (Fetish Girls) and his work has featured in countless magazines over the years. He was also close to photographer Bunny Yeager (1929-2014), and continues to champion her work.

His new book “Eric Kroll: The New York Years 1971 to 1994” offers a side of his work that hasn’t been widely publicized before. In the late 70's and early 80's, Eric found himself at the very heart of a cultural eruption in NYC. With his camera ever at the ready, he documented the work and private pursuits of luminaries from the Stones to the Dead Boys, Blondie, Warhol and Haring. Madonna, Kenneth Anger, Grace Jones and Robert Mapplethorpe all feature in this stunning collection of mostly never-before seen photos.

The Betsy is presenting a group of images from this book, curated by owner Lesley Goldwasser, that fully capture the Zeitgeist of this monumental piece of reportage.

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