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Betsy Exhibitions

Carlos Andres Cruz
dog swimming with tennis ball in mouth
Underground Gallery

Exhibit Details

Carlos Andres Cruz is a professional dog photographer based in Bogota, Colombia. On a visit to see family in Miami Beach a few years ago, Carlos serendipitously came across Katie and Betsy, our hotel’s CEOs (Canine Executive Officers), playing ball on the beach. Carlos “was captivated by Katie’s ability to surf and retrieve the tennis ball at the same time” and began shooting. This was the start of a wonderful friendship and partnership between Carlos and The Betsy. His photos are now exhibited permanently in the Underground Gallery, easily accessed from the lobby. Katie (short for Katherine Hepburn) sadly passed away in 2019, and Rosa arrived on the scene shortly after, taking on her role as assistant CEO and chief cheerer-upper to Betsy, who still misses Katie deeply. 

Introducing Rosa adds four new photos featuring Rosa. “Stop Think and Wonder (Waiting For the Sun)” highlights Rosa’s contemplative side, and “So Good Together” shows how quickly Betsy and Rosa have become best buddies. It is not to be missed. Walk down the stairs next to the elevator in the main lobby and you will find yourself enchanted with Betsy, Rosa, and Katie.

If you’re interested in purchasing a piece please see the concierge, call 305-531-6100 or email [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.



Dog in water
Dogs on the beach
dog in water with a ball
dog walking out of water on the beach
dog dirty sitting on beach
black and white photo if two dogs
dog digging for a ball
a dog running next to a man on the beach
dog on beach at sunset
dog in a wave
dog swimming with tennis ball in mouth
dog standing in water on a sunny day
dog running on the beach
Two dogs playing on the beach
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