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charlie spot artwork
Charlie Spot Collection

Charlie Spot (b.1994) is an emerging London based artist who began his career in 2019. He specializes in light box and street photography taken in the UK, Europe, US and Asia.

His work is a documentation and exploration of culture within countries and societies. This includes Women Going Gold, which focuses on the mix of cultures within the Middle East and access to varying forms of information.

Each body of work explores a pressing topic that affects our world today, including mental health and climate change, often using figurines and inanimate objects to highlight his message. Charlie uses the familiarity and nostalgia of his subjects to draw the audience into the pieces, which when discussed leads to new nuances emerging within the details.The work is intended to bring joy, reflection and conversation into new environments, welcoming all demographics to engage with each other.

Charlie has exhibited works in solo and group shows in London, as well as group shows in Portugal and at the former Rubell Museum in Miami. He is the founder of Subtitle Labs in 2022, a nomadic gallery that mentors, educates and supports emerging artistic talent globally.

Current Exhibit
military green men toys with a free yoga sign
Guns and Poses

Framed Size: 40”x27”, $2,950
Edition 8 of 8

star wars toys in white playing hangman
Alphabet Strikes Back, White

Framed Size: 54”x37”, $3,200
Edition 11 of 20

star wars toys playing hangman
Alphabet Strikes Back, Blue

Framed Size: 36”x24”, $1,750
Edition 8 of 15

3 women sitting on a couch outside reading the news paper
Women Going Gold

Framed Size: 63”x40”, $3,600
Edition 5 of 10

stuffed animals on the floor
Stuffed Pockets

Framed Size: 38”x25”, $2,650
Edition 4 of 5

stuffed animal polar bear in a child's play car
Polar Express

Framed Size: 32”x21”, $1,850
Edition 4 of 12

red box of marlboro's
Philip Cares

Framed Size: 30”x30”, $2,100
Edition 16 of 20

marlboro box with no sugar added on the box
Philip Cares (Gold)

Framed Size: 30”x30”, $2,100
Edition 18 of 20

plastic army men in front of a toy couch with a peace sign
Veteran Motion

Framed Size: 40”x28”, $2,400
Edition 4 of 15

two crocodiles toys eating a shoe
Crocked Ramon

Framed Size: 43”x28”, $2,600
Edition 19 of 20

the hulk toy emerging from his packaging
Consumer Wreckage

Framed Size: 40”x30”, $2,300
Edition 2 of 10

people sitting on a couch outside
Liberal Digest

Framed Size: 34”x26”, $2,300
Edition 5 of 15

man pushing a baby carriage
Distorted Commute III

Framed Size: 30"x23", $1,450
Edition 4 of 10

man walking down the street with food and two people with their heads in a box
Lunchtime Lounging

Framed Size: 41"x27", $1,900
Edition 4 of 12

stuffed animals on the floor
Social Séance II

Frames Size: 40"x27", $1,850
Edition 6 of 10

Darth Vader in a carriage
Full Force

Framed Size: 41"x27", $1,800
Edition 7 of 10

Expect no more. This is happiness.™