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Tamary Kudita
woman standing with umbrella over her head blocking the sun

Exhibit Details

A product of dual heritage, Tamary Kudita was born in Zimbabwe whilst her ancestry can be traced back to the Orange Free State, historical Boer state in Southern Africa. She chose to study fine art at Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town. There, she graduated in 2017 with a bachelor of fine arts. Subsequently, she established herself in fine art photography thus beginning her artistic career. She maintains an active studio practice and has exhibited in Zimbabwe and outside the country. Her investigation looking at the legacy of colonialism on the family structure, has resulted in exhibitions delving into the history of the Post- colonial identity. Her first solo exhibition was held at the PH Center gallery in Cape Town, South Africa which explored notions of race and representation. Her previous exhibitions have been held at the Michaelis Galleries also in Cape Town, South Africa titled, Maintaining Memories. 

Tamary, continued her investigation of history with a touring exhibition titled “African Victorian” which was held at the National Gallery in Harare as well as the National Gallery of Bulawayo. Her most recent exhibition was a group show held at Ki Smith Gallery in New York, America. This exhibition was an examination of how our unchosen histories shape our contemporary state. She currently holds the title of Sony Open Photographer of The Year 2021 from the Sony World Photography Awards. She has been featured on various international media outlets and publications such as CNN International, The Independent UK, Huffington Post, Photo District News Magazine,  TSA Contemporary Art Magazine and a special mention in The British Journal of Photography. She has also been awarded The Vaw Journal Most Inspiring Art Piece Award 2020 and The Voices of African Women Cover Book Award. 

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