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Health & Safety Protocols

The Betsy is our home, and we’ve taken the utmost care to open it to you.

To ensure that your stay at The Betsy is safe and stress-free, we have meticulously rebuilt our health and safety protocols from the ground up, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and reimagining our interior spaces to minimize contact, maximize cleanliness, and make you feel at home.

Our Rooms

  • We will carefully sanitize every aspect of each room, with no exception
  • We will treat each room with the latest electrostatic disinfection technology, in addition to cleaning all surfaces with EcoLab-sourced disinfectants and Peroxide Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Mattresses, pillows, and linens will be collected, cleaned, and disinfected to the highest possible standard
  • We have redesigned our rooms to eliminate nonessential items and have replaced all glassware with individually wrapped paper cups
  • All mini fridges will be emptied, sanitized, and sealed for each guest’s exclusive use
  • With the cleaning and disinfecting process completed by our housekeeping team, who will be wearing face masks and gloves at all times — each room will be thoroughly inspected by a supervisor before being completely sealed until each guest’s arrival

Our Common Areas

  • With thoughtful, widely spaced furniture arrangements, clear signage, and an informed and attentive staff, we will be maintaining social distancing in all our public spaces
  • All tables and seating will be spaced at least six feet apart, with specially trained staff on hand to supervise these spaces and sanitize high-touch surfaces every 30 minutes
  • Our elevators will be sanitized continuously throughout the day and night, and we have installed self-sanitizing buttons in our elevators
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the property and outside elevators
  • Exclusive use of our fitness center can be scheduled by appointment through a phone call or text message to the front desk

Our Food & Beverage Service

  • We will provide all food and beverage service according to the strictest CDC-recommended guidelines
  • All restaurant seating, bar seating, and pool area bar seating will be cleaned according to CDC and City of Miami Beach protocols, with tables spaced six feet apart to maintain proper social distancing standards
  • All service staff will be masked at all times

Our Meeting & Event Spaces

  • We will follow the same stringent cleaning protocols for these spaces as for our guest rooms, fully sanitizing our meeting rooms and function spaces before and after each usage (with all cleaning staff equipped with PPE at all times)
  • All employees working in these spaces will be wearing masks and gloves at all times
  • We have installed hand sanitizing stations at all entryways of all meeting & event spaces
  • We are expanding our options for personalized event floor plans, as well as creative food station setups and serving methods, to allow for consistent social distancing and to maximize guest and staff safety

Our Guests

  • Guests are encouraged to wear face masks in the hotel’s public areas

Our Staff

  • Our entire staff will be equipped with masks and gloves at all times
  • We are working closely with EcoLab to implement the best available cleaning and personal hygiene products, as well as training courses and hotel-wide sanitation procedures
  • All staff at The Betsy are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and complete thorough and ongoing health and safety training sessions on our new sanitation protocols
  • We will be thoroughly cleaning all keys and luggage handles
  • Our bell and valet parking staff will be fully equipped with PPE
  • Any automobiles left at valet will be subject to disinfection before being returned
  • We are using state of the art software to administer daily pre-work screening questionnaires, manage social distancing compliance, and track contact tracing and testing and vaccination history for our entire staff team
  • We are bringing a weekly mobile lab to The Betsy to administer COVID-19 tests to our employees on site, at no cost to them

Our Social Distancing Measures

  • All public area seating, reception area seating, restaurant seating, pool area seating, and bar area seating will be socially distanced per CDC and City of Miami Beach protocols
  • We have installed floor markings around the hotel to assist guests in maintaining appropriate social distance
  • We have restructured our staff cafeteria and extended its hours to allow Betsy employees to maintain proper social distancing at all time

Local & Community Safety Measures

  • Miami-Dade County and City of Miami Beach elected leadership have imposed expansive CDC-recommended protocols on all businesses — The Betsy’s health and safety protocols reflect those city-wide and nationwide guidelines
  • We will continue to monitor public health trends locally and beyond, as well as advances in sanitation technology, to help keep our guests, staff, and community safe
  • Above all, we will continue to monitor public health trends locally and beyond, as well as advances in sanitation technology, to help keep you, our staff, and our community safe. We are staying vigilant, and we will keep our doors open only if we are confident that we can deliver uncompromising safety to match our commitment to exceptional hospitality

We look forward to welcoming you to The Betsy and to making you feel at ease and at home.


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