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Robert Zuckerman Photography
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“For me, photography as much as possible has become an integration of life and craft. Through it, I am able to give value to people’s lives and derive value in my own life, beyond making a living.” - Robert G. Zuckerman 

ROBERT ZUCKERMAN’s PORTRAITS OF POETS exhibit includes pictures of iconic poets (such as Leonard Cohen, Maya Angelou, and Allan Ginsburg) taken throughout his career, as well as images taken at The Betsy hotel over the past five years during National Poetry Month (Campbell McGrath, Julie Marie Wade, and others).

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The photography exhibited in The Betsy’s public spaces, including Colonial Wing public restrooms, The Art Deco Wing Conservatory, and Art Deco Wing Suites include images from a number of his legacy collections, including Time Machine, Wonderism, Kindsight, and Celebrity Photographs. His book, KINDSIGHT, is also available for review on end tables in The Conservatory.


Zuckerman is the quintessential portrait photographer, having shot celebrities on set and in private moments throughout a 30+ year career in Hollywood. His work is highly regarded by colleagues and peers, with actor Will Smith calling him ‘the Picasso of photography”. Born in Tampa and now a resident of Sunny Isles, Zuckerman is top rated on IMDB, receiving the highest level of accolades when measured against other professional camera-people. Yet over these last few years as he has begun a personal battle with a genetic nerve disease (ABPD), he’s come back to Miami and is working full time making the world better through efforts to use storytelling and image as pathways to interpersonal understanding and ‘KindSight”. (Zuckerman’s’ book, KindSight, can be purchased at the front desk of The Betsy Hotel.) Robert Zuckerman is a Distinguished Affiliate at Florida International University.


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