Dear guests, former and hopefully soon-to-be-once-again -

It’s been a quiet and reflective month here on South Beach. What emerges ever more clearly in the temporary stillness is the extraordinary, gentle beauty of the place The Betsy is more proud than ever to call home: The turquoise ocean still laps the sand; the breeze still rifles the umbrellas of The Alley; the clouds still scud across the cobalt spring sky; that sky still feels as wide as the world itself. It’s a good time to be reminded of the larger things.

At The Betsy, we’ve been on property every day, using this time to make adjustments and improvements as we await our re-opening. We have not yet announced an official opening date, but at the moment opening before July 1 is not likely. We are retooling our house-keeping protocols, our dining configurations, our sanitation regimens, and our ideas about what matters now. One thing that’s not changing is our sense of excitement about what we do, what role hospitality can play as we emerge from this difficult time, and why Miami Beach – reassuringly close, and as magnificent as any place in the world – feels like a refuge as all of us re-define leisure. Comfort is still comfort, rest is still rest, and the sense of home away from home that we have sought to deliver at The Betsy is still the guiding spirit behind what we do. With outdoor pools, outdoor dining, an outdoor spa, outdoor yoga, and much more, The Betsy already lives most of its life in the fresh air, which is going to play an even bigger role in our lodging philosophy. We’re also eager to bring back the staff that makes The Betsy so much of what it is.

The larger things we’re thinking about have to do with more than nature. The pandemic has constituted an unprecedented challenge, warning, and alarm. But it has also made it possible to spend more time together, however remotely, and given rise to acts of courage, heroism, community, resourcefulness, and generosity that feel like a reassurance: We can rise to even this challenge. 

We’ll be back soon with more specific information about the long list of things we’re doing at The Betsy to make your next stay feel as safe as we’d want it to be for our own families – and as memorable, stimulating, and restful as always. Our guiding principle with the former is just that: The Betsy is an independently-owned hotel whose ownership family lives on the property. When we take care of you, we take care of us.


Zachary Plutzik
Managing Director


We look forward to welcoming you back!