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Idries Karnachi
ping pong paddles

Exhibit Details

Idries Karnachi (b. 1993) was born in Morocco, lives in Lile (France), and is co-founder of Studio Nos-Nos. Trained as an urban architect, Karnachi imagines surreal scenes by combining everyday objects, or situations with imagery imbued with poetry or humor, sometimes engaged or simply pleasant. His collages are visual narrations inviting viewers to freely interpret their meaning. @idriesk 

Idries Karnachi is exhibited in partnership with Initiative AUDACE, launched in 2021 by Youness Bouchida. Its mission is to support Moroccan artists and designers with the aim of emerging and succeeding globally. Born in Fez, he grew up in Casablanca and studied in France.

If you’re interested in purchasing a piece please see the concierge, call 305-531-6100 or email [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.


bones coming out of ear pods container
pear dressed as a tea pot
pancakes with vuitton logo on them
sandals with tongues for heels
Expect no more. This is happiness.™