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Betsy Exhibitions

Robert Zuckermann
up close image of a man praying
Art Deco Wing

Exhibit Details

A Film industry photographer, Zuckerman’s award-winning images graced movie franchises and celebrity publicity campaigns for more than two decades. His Hollywood career ended when he was diagnosed with Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease, compromising his mobility. This series is from time spent in nursing homes and hospitals over the past year. Robert is a graduate of UC Berkeley and the American Film Institute, with more than 300 works on display at The Betsy. His book KINDSIGHT is available for purchase at the front desk.

woman portrait
b/w photo of a male nurse
b/w image of a woman
man covering face
woman's portrait wearing glasses
man looking in mirror with reflection
woman reading
b/w portrait of a woman
man in hospital room
woman wearing a pink shirt
b/w image of hands
b/w image of a woman
up close image of a man praying
child dressed as a super hero
cars on the highway
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