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Tamary Kudita
Tamary Kudita photograph

This series unfolds as a two-part story which I created through the lens of the past and the present


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This series unfolds as a two-part story which I created through the lens of the past and the present. 

For some, Zimbabwe is a distant paradise, both mystical and wonderful whilst for others the concept of a lived reality operates as an absolute truth which is determined by the material conditions of the world in which we live. We too are longing for a paradise, where social equality exists defined by harmony, peace, and hope. It is a wonderful thought, isn’t it, that such a place would exist! 

Stemming from the desire to recognise the lived truth of others, my work explores several intertwined imaginaries documented through domestic, metropolitan and non-linear spaces. I create suggestive worlds by placing clues about their lives and their sometimes invented characters into the compositions. Through these fantastical portraits I attempt to create a new literature which borrows from the artistic thought and practice of both romanticism and realism. In the same way, Romanticism took a metaphorical approach to art while Realism took a literal one, I portray everyday people from contemporary life in Zimbabwe, as well as larger than life heroes who exist in history. 

Furthermore, I express the aspect of realism through the social message in which history is mediated and Romanticism in the way colour is embellished to announce presence. My use of objects as centrepieces, cultural motifs and the ubiquitous use of African print are all knitted together and used as an embroidered vehicle for connection. Showing that, In a world filled with limited facts and plenty of misinformation it is important to acknowledge that the things we own — the clothes we wear, the objects on our tables, the furniture in our homes — tell stories about who we are, what we value, and where we come from.

– Tamary Kudita

man with book and surrounded by flowers
tamary photograph of a guardian carrying a child
man and woman standing in a field with cattle and dressed up
man sitting
a woman cooking
woman with horses and carriage
Expect no more. This is happiness.™