Introducing: The Petsy

Story by: The Betsy Hotel South Beach

The Betsy is a hotel—but it's so much more than a place to rest your head. It's a hub for arts and culture. A family home, embellished with personal heirlooms. A space for community and gathering.

Oh, and it's also Betsy and Rosa's primary playground. No one has the inside scoop like these two. They know The Betsy like the back of their paws.

We want you to see The Betsy from a whole new perspective (literally, these two have been known to strap on a GoPro). Every Friday, we're handing over our social media accounts to Betsy and Rosa, giving them free rein to show you the hotel's best kept secrets. Perhaps they'll be eating a delicious secret menu item on the patio. Maybe they'll dig up an artifact, sharing its history in a way only these two goofs could. our C.E.Os (Canine Executive Officers), Betsy and Rosa can't wait to get their paws on a smartphone and to start sharing The Betsy—or, The Petsy as they like to call it—from their perspective.

Rosa is our one-year-old English cream golden retriever. She’s Betsy’s sidekick, but is still learning more about the hotel, South Beach, and Miami as she grows (mostly by accident). Betsy is our four-year-old red golden retriever—and at this point, we’d call her an expert. She knows every nook and cranny of this historic hotel (mostly because she can smell a crumb from a mile away). You’ll also hear from the late, great Katie. The original C.E.O (Canine Executive Officer) of The Betsy, Katie explored the hotel and South Beach for over a decade, collecting lots of videos and tidbits her old pal Betsy will share.

So what do you say, are you in? Want to be part of Betsy and Rosa's crew, following them around the hotel and seeing what excites them most? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and watch for The Petsy Takeover every Friday!


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The Petsy