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Walk down The Alley for authentic Italian eats
Exterior of the Alley restaurant at night

The Betsy Hotel is already one of Miami Beach’s most recognized and unique properties. Known as a boutique arts hotel, their cultural programming and art exhibitions are revered and rivaling that reputation are the restaurants.

Their newest eatery is The Alley whose menu was closely curated by Executive Chef Danny Ganem and award-winning Chef Laurent Tourondel who conceptualized the menu that Ganem brings to life.

It’s called The Alley because that’s exactly where it’s located. The entrance is off the alley alongside The Betsy Hotel. It’s a quaint spot with amazing Italian food. Chef Tourondel was so serious about his pizzeria that even though he’s an award-winning chef, he enrolled in dough-making classes to ensure perfect crusts every time.

chess board
clear blue lake with people in boats, between mountains

Those crusts are true perfection and are the base for the nine pizzas on their menu. And because Ganem loves to keep his creativity in motion, new ones are regularly introduced. The traditional San Marzano is a thing of simplistic beauty with tomato, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and Sicilian oregano while the Charred Kale pizza gets some zing and pep from the gorgonzola dolce and chili de arbol oil. If you’re a mushroom lover then the Funghi & Tartuffo pizza with mushrooms, truffle, fontina, taleggio, sage and garlic is for you.

Before you dig in to the pizzas though, you’re gonna want to try their calamari fritti with zucchini and calabrian chili aioli for dipping or their fresh and light whipped ricotta with garlic and rosemary focaccia. And I saved the best for last…the perfectly prepared veal and mortadella meatballs in a tomato pomodoro. Seriously, take a bite of these and you’d swear there’s an Italian grandmother back in the kitchen keeping watch over a huge pot of them.

Those crusts are true perfection and are the base for the nine pizzas on their menu.

meatballs and bread
burrata, tomatoes, and bread

If you’ve got enough room, or come with lots of friends, by all means also try the creamy burrata served up with a cluster of blistered, juicy cherry tomatoes and rich green pesto or the Tuscan kale with salty pecorino, salty capers and anchovy, zesty lemon, egg and pinenut-pangritata.

And because we can’t stop there, what would an Italian meal be without some creamy gelato for dessert. There’s a light lemon-ricotta, rum raisin or salted caramel along with three other flavors.

Now that you know where to find this spot, yes you have to go down the alley to get there, you have to check it out. And you’ll want to pause and snap a photo for your IG account of the orb that connects The Betsy’s two buildings (it’s only visible from the alley). The orb is quickly becoming one of the most popular shots to post on social media when you’re roaming the alley.

The Alley, 14th Place between Collins Ave. and Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, 305-760-6903 


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