F11 and Be There

Zen and the Art of Film

Story by: The Betsy - South Beach

This series is presented in collaboration with FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios and O Cinema.

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the artist's wife

The Artist's Wife

March 1, 2021

The Artist's Wife is about marriage, loyalty, love, the challenges of caring for loved ones dealing with memory loss, and rediscovering one's passions. The documentary drama is directed and written by Tom Dolby.

The talk back event features Eugenia Zukerman (flutist and media person) and Dr. William Vega, Distinguished Professor and Senior Scholar for Community Health, Florida International University.  Also participating is the leadership team at O Cinema, South Florida's leading independent theater - and event hosts Deborah Briggs (The Betsy) and John Stuart (FIU).  

Vega is on the advisory board for UsAgainstAlzheimer’s. Zukerman has recently released a collection of poetry that sheds light on her personal journey with Alzheimer's. 

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

April 15, 2021

A documentary that explores the life and work of the legendary neurologist and storyteller as he shares intimate details of his battles with drug addiction, homophobia, and a medical establishment that accepted his work only decades after the fact. Sacks, known for his literary works Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, was a fearless explorer of unknown cognitive worlds who helped redefine our understanding of the brain and mind, the diversity of human experience, and our shared humanity. The film features exclusive interviews with Sacks conducted just weeks after he received a terminal diagnosis, and months prior to his death in August 2015. 


Yiddish Film - Who Will Remain

April 26, 2021

Attempting to better understand her grandfather Avrom Sutzkever, Israeli actress Hadas Kalderon travels to Lithuania using her grandfather’s diary to trace his early life in Vilna and his survival during the Holocaust. Sutzkever was an acclaimed Yiddish poet — described by the New York Times as the “greatest poet of the Holocaust”— whose verse drew on his youth in Siberia and Vilna, his spiritual and material resistance during World War II, and his post-war life in the State of Israel. In Who Will Remain?, Hadas is determined to connect with what remains of her grandfather’s bygone world and confront the personal responsibility of preserving his literary legacy. Woven into the documentary are home videos, newly recorded interviews, and archival recordings, including Sutzkever’s testimony at the Nuremberg Trials. Recitation of his poetry and personal reflections on resisting Nazi forces as a partisan fighter reveals how Sutzkever tried to make sense of the Holocaust and its aftermath. As Kalderon strives to reconstruct the stories told by her grandfather, the film examines the limits of language, geography, and time.  

F11 and Be There

F11 and Be There

May 3, 2021

This feature film by Jethro Waters about iconic photographer Burk Uzzle is an electrifying fusion of music, image, and dialogue. For 65 years and counting, Burk Uzzle has created some of the most iconic photographs in American history. From Martin Luther King Jr. to Woodstock to America's small towns and back roads, Uzzle's photographs provide a breathtaking commentary on American civil rights, race, social justice, and art. Initially grounded in documentary photography when he was the youngest photographer hired by LIFE magazine at age 23, his work grew into a combination of split-second impressions reflecting the human condition.