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Dogs Welcome!

Dogs Welcome!

We love and welcome dogs of all sizes at the Betsy - South Beach. To make sure we are prepared to properly welcome the four legged member of your family and as a courtesy to all of our guests, we ask that you provide us detailed pet information when making your reservation. Given the nature of our luxury Betsy experience, we can most easily accommodate dogs weighing less than 40 pounds. Larger dogs are welcome, but do need special clearance during the reservation process.

We do add a charge of $150 for each dog, half of which is donated to support dog shelter activities in our immediate Betsy community and as part of our satellite charitable efforts in Zimbabwe at the SPCA.

Pets at the Betsy

two men and a dog
Man holding his small chihuahua
Black shaggy dog sitting on wooden deck
White dog with black spot on his head
Black and white french bulldog laying on a bed
Black and white french bulldog sitting on a white sofa
Golden Retriever puppy being cradled in mans arms
Golden Retriever on the beach
Woman running in the park with a white and brown dog
Brown chihuahua on beach
Golden colored chihuahua standing on a wooden floor
Gray and white chihuahua
Golden Retriever sitting next to tiny white puppy
Closeup of Golden Retriever sleeping
Woman hugging small light brown chihuahua

Pampering with Pooch

pug getting a massage

Treat your number one companion with a couples massage like no other. With your pup at your side, soak in the gently Oceanside breezes from our beautiful outdoor Spa, where plush beds and personalized pampering await. While you enjoy a massage delivering the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy oils, your pup can also enjoy a personalized experience of gentle massage, crisp water and healthy nibbles.
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