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Dogs Welcome!

We mean it both ways — our beloved golden retrievers Betsy and Rosa may be the first to greet you when you arrive. And at The Betsy, we welcome dogs of all sizes — all we ask, so that we can properly welcome your four-legged companion and as a courtesy to our other guests, is that you tell us all about them when making your reservation. That goes especially for dogs weighing over 40 pounds, who need special clearance during the reservation process. We add a one-time fee of $150, 50% of which goes to Miami-Dade Animal Rescue and the SPCA in Zimbabwe, the childhood home of one of The Betsy’s owners.

And if pooch needs to unwind after a long trip, treat her to a couples’ massage like no other at The Betsy’s Spa. Alongside your procedure, your pup will enjoy a gentle massage followed by healthy nibbles.

dog exhibition

Dog Photography Exhibit

On display at The Betsy

Carlos Andres Cruz is a dog photographer who specializes in creating images that reflect the dynamism, joy, and character of dogs in relaxed, enjoyable environments. His work (capturing our Canine Executive Officers) is exhibited at The Betsy Underground Gallery and is accessible 24/7/365.


Betsy Rosa Draft Beer

Betsy & Rosa now have their own beer! Created by our culinary team in collaboration with the House of Motor Crafted Lifestyle, a Miami brewery, it’s a classic Austrian copper lager, served exclusively at The Betsy - South Beach. The lager is named after our two CEOs (Canine Executive Officers) Betsy and Rosa. The beer is light on the palate with notes of lemon zest, fresh baked bread, and Allspice, with hints of honey and herbal hops. It’s naturally fermented with 5.3 % alcohol, a balanced and flavorful lager, loosely based on classic Austrian and German beer styles. Priced at $7, it makes a perfect pair with the restaurant’s seasonally-inspired steak and seafood menu, or simply on its own at the Lobby Bar

Beautiful Dreamer katie image high res compressed.jpg

In Remembrance of Katie (2005 - 2019)

Beginning with Kate by Gerald Stern

Beginning with Kate, a ten year old golden retriever sleeping all day and
tethered to a baby grand choosing
the cold marble to lie down on instead
of the nearby commercial carpet in the
lobby of the Betsy,
a grand hotel at the northernmost end of Ocean
Drive in Miami Beach, city of Jackie Gleason
and Andrew Warhola, the latter of ghosts you might say
presiding over the annual Basel Schnazzel
where I, with a cane between my legs,
on the most comfortable chair in the whole lobby
keeping Kate company and poking her from
time to time to remind her of the good days
of pork unlimited surrounded by
fat galore and bone softened by cooking
for we were spoiled by loving owners
we couldn’t repay enough by growling and barking
as they sat on their sofas doing their own
wondrous barking, the music we listened to
as we stretched out on their wood and wool and grass,
me too for I was a dog in those days
and sort of trotted like a tan horse
up and down the streets of my six rivers.

The legendary American poet Gerald Stern (b. 1925) is the author of 20 collections of poetry and four books of essays. His friend the poet Stanley Kunitz called him “the wilderness in American poetry.” The Poetry Foundation has called him “one of America’s most celebrated and irascible poets.” He won the National Book Award in 1998 for This Time: New and Selected Poems. We have hosted him at The Betsy many times in many capacities, and are proud to call him a friend.

We Are Dog People