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Betsy Exhibitions

Ray Tenorio, Mythological Africa and the Transcultural Influences in the Americas
African artwork
Board Room

Exhibit Details

Ray A. Tenorio was born in Havana and currently lives in Miami. Influences in his work are vast and varied, and include his Latin roots, Expressionism, urban mythology and fashion. This is Ray’s second solo show at The Betsy Hotel. 

Yoruba mythology is full of fantastical creatures that help us guide and endure the challenge of life. During earlier times, in the ever-challenging lives of those enslaved, gods and goddesses were the only hope of freedom and a better future for oppressed people. And while the characters were mythical they shared characteristics with humans - as well as life stories, character virtues, and flaws. 

The stories of mythological creatures were communicated orally – over vast periods of time - and were modified continuously in response to the realities of time and place. And so, on the one hand my work depicts fantastical stories of a remote much earlier world. On the other hand, my work also aims to show that these stories, images, and figures are synergistic with current life. 

I feel certain – and I am eager for my work to convey - that fantastical creatures are among us. 

Ray Tenorio, 
2022 Miami, Florida 

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