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The Hotel is a Gallery
Betsy Exhibitions
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Ever spent the night in an art gallery? From indelible pre-stardom images of the Rolling Stones to contemporary African art, The Betsy is a modern museum.

Akshita Gandhi

Akshita Gandhi (b. 1988) is a Photographer and Multimedia Artist championing sustainability, gender equity, and creativity, with an MFA in Fine Arts from the Lotus Institute in Dubai...

Alessandro Sarno “The Spirit of a People: Portraits and Slices of Life in The Islands of The Bahamas”

Alessandro Sarno is a Milan based artist who began his journey into photography in 2008 on the porch of The Betsy Hotel. Having left his job in London, Sarno stopped at The Betsy on his way to The Bahamas...

Andy Sweet Collection

Exhibited in Lobby Salon
Born in Miami Beach in 1953, Sweet documented the life in Miami Beach and on Ocean Drive in the 70's and 80's Sweet was witness to a unique time in the history of his hometown...

Barbara Hulanicki “London 1986, Après BIBA”

Hulanicki was born in Poland and raised in Palestine, where her father was the Polish Consul General during the British Mandate...

Bob Bonis

Exhibited in Hallways
The Betsy proudly presents over 250 works shot by Bob Bonis, Road Manager of both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones during their first US tours...

Bunny Yeager “Bunny Yeager and Her Circle: Miami’s Golden Age”

Bunny Yeager (1929-2014) was one of the most influential photographers of the modern era. Her self-portraits alone establish her as an innovative and important artist...

Carlos Andres Cruz “Betsy’s CEO’s (Canine Executive Officers): Katie, Betsy and Rosa”

Exhibited in Underground Gallery
Carlos Andres Cruz is a professional dog photographer based in Bogota, Colombia. On a visit to see family in Miami Beach a few years ago, Carlos serendipitously came across Katie and Betsy, our hotel’s CEOs (Canine Executive Officers), playing ball on the beach.

Carlos Betancourt “Intimate Spirit: Collages and Other Works”

Multi-disciplinary artist Carlos Betancourt was born and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico (1966) to Cuban exile parents. He moved to Miami when he was 15, embarking on a physical...

Charlie Spot

Exhibited in Gallery
Charlie Spot (b.1994) is an emerging London based artist who began his career in 2019. He specializes in light box and street photography taken in the UK, Europe, US and Asia...
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