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Let Them Eat Cake

Story by: The Betsy - South Beach

It is believed that the first birthday cake was made in the Middle Ages. Cakes originally were a coarse, bread-like product, and later became a much sweeter version. In the 17th century, cakes were made more elaborate with details like icing, layers, and decorations.  However, these kinds of cakes were only affordable by the wealthy, upper class due to the high-priced ingredients. By the 18th century, food and baking utensils became more accessible. 

Today, most western cultures celebrate special events with cake. Popular flavors include red velvet with cream cheese frosting, coconut, and classic chocolate. Many people also enjoy coffee cake just as much as frosted cakes, because it is intended to enjoy with coffee -  the most popular beverage in the world ( with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year, and more than 450 million cups of coffee, consumed in the United States every day). The Betsy serves Panther Coffee, Miami’s own award-winning artisan coffee maker.

There is always a reason for cake and to make your life a little easier, The Betsy now offers whole cakes for sale for your next special occasion.

cake food
cake food
cake food

Cakes now available for purchase

in the Carlton Room Café

Order your cake and choose from four delicious flavors (we can't decide either)! 

Cake Flavors : Coconut, Red Velvet, Coffee, Chocolate

Full cakes must be ordered 24 hours ahead, to be consumed after dining at LT Steak and Seafood or The Alley, or to ‘take away’. Slices of the ‘cake of the day’ can be purchased during regular business hours in the Carlton Room Café at The Betsy between 11 AM and 8 PM daily. Email [email protected] or call 305-673-0044 to place your order.

Full Cake Price : $45

cake food

The Betsy Pastry Chef

Gabriela Amelunge

"My grandmother made amazing cake.  She didn’t wait for birthdays or special occasions to make it.  It was always on the menu for our weekend family dinners.  I remember those times well. When I became a parent, I wanted to do the same for my kids. With time short and people so busy, it’s my hope that we can help create some memories by providing cake for our customers’ next family gathering."


cake food

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