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LT Steak & Seafood among Eater Miami's 10 Best Bets For Miami Spice
Steak with peppers, garlic, and thyme

The 10 Best Bets For Miami Spice, 2019 - Where to dine during Miami’s restaurant month(s)

The 10 Best Bets For Miami Spice, 2019 - Where to dine during Miami’s restaurant month(s)
Originally appeared on Eater Miami, read full article here. Written by Olee Fowler@oleefowlerJul 30, 2019

And just like that Miami Spice is upon us again. Every August and September eager restaurant go-ers head to one of the more than 200 participating restaurants to celebrate Miami Spice a.k.a. Miami’s restaurant month(s). The deal offers a three course dinner at $39 a person, while lunch and brunch deals are available for $23 a person.

With so many options available, which ones are worth the visit — and which meals aren’t? Eater Miami has done some extensive research and put together a list of the 10 best dinner bets for Miami Spice for 2019.

Each restaurant on this list must offer Miami Spice every night of the week it is open — yes, that includes the coveted Friday and Saturday night time slots that so many restaurants skimp out on. Restaurants must offer a wide array of menu options and offer the diner a solid bang for their buck. Plus, many are current or former Eater 38 members. Happy Spice-ing.

LT Steak & Seafood 
This menu is for the meat lovers, and it offers an impressive selection for under $40. Start with one of six appetizer choices like the wagyu steak tartare sushi made with crispy rice and grated black truffle or the burrata with pesto and peas. Move on to one of the five different entrees including (and for no additional charge) an 8oz filet mignon or grilled snapper served with a choice of a side like a duck confit hasselback potatoes. And finally, for dessert, there are four options like the organ crepe cake or a rhubarb pastelito with guava sorbet.

Expect no more. This is happiness.™